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Exploited Children and Women

Many cannot return to their families, as it is seen to bring shame on them. If a girl goes missing from her village, families do not complain about it, as their prestige is at stake. Some girls initially choose to work in escort agencies, yet are unaware of what they will face, and without the ability to stop prostitution. Girls are taken out for dinner, drugged, and wake up the next morning to find that they have been raped. Many are too ashamed and upset to talk about it. Those who do want to speak about it are shown videotapes of what happened. They are threatened that the videos will be publicised on the internet, and that their whole family will be find out what they have done.  This NGO supports girls and women to tackle such kind of dire situation and circum stances. We provide them a liberal atmosphere to live freely and enjoy their life. This project seeks to educate women and children on basic sanitation issues, drug and alcohol, family planning, medicals camps, and issues to make the less fortunate aware of how they can gain access to medicines, doctors and hospitals.

We feel proud to save girls and women from the exploitation of the lot. Now it is demand of time to come forward and join hands together to save them and make them fearless by providing proper atmosphere and proper education. If they are educated and aware of their rights, only then they can beat and defeat their misfortune  and make it lick the dust in the battle-field of their real life. We give them Soaring-Wings  to scale the sky of success

 Project Cost : 10 Millieum

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    Child Ashram  


There are over 20 million street children in India , according to the Consortium for Street Children. Some are orphans; others have been abused or abandoned by their families. They live in extreme poverty on the streets and railway platforms of India , socially excluded, and survive by begging for food, working in the exploitative informal economy, or find themselves recruited by criminal gangs into invisible labour and brothels. Some end up in remand homes or poorly-run orphanages. Many street children have never attended school; others have dropped out. Their lack of education and support serves to limit their future prospects, perpetuating the cycle of poverty

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For All children, the right to education remains but a dream. Some fight the odds and manage to get to schools juggling adult responsibilities on their young shoulders. Others are forced to drop out to be breadwinners for their families our NGO work with that children.

School based programs

IPWS is associated with 5 corporation schools and 5 private schools in Jind.

Some of the activities under this school project include:-

  • Counseling services for children and their families.

IPWS’s counselors and social workers monitor school attendance of children to identify children who are irregular in School. Need based interventions are taken depending on the  problems faced by children in school, at home or in their peer group.
Life skill education for children.
This is a pilot project undertaken by us for children in class 5 to 6 in three selected corporation schools . Under this program , life skill education on various topics are imparted  on a weekly basis . The children will attend get the benefit of these session for two years . We will be conducting an evaluation at the end of the program to assess the impact .  

  • Extra curricular activities for children in school.  

To provide ample opportunities for underprivileged children for their all round development and also to sustain their interest in schooling ,we organize competitions on drawing, poster or slogan making , rangoli, dance, singing , elocution, essay writing, story writing etc for children. 

  • Strengthening parent teacher meetings.

Awareness programs, sessions on parenting, adolescent issues are part of parent’s teacher meetings . Based on the request from parents, guidance sessions on how to teach or supervise the children in scholastic matters are also conducted.

  • Study Skill workshops

Study skill workshop for all children & tips on improving their skills on writing examination papers for children appearing in school final classes are found to be very useful activities.

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NGO projects in India to provide health care and basic health facilities for the thousands of people who don’t have access to doctors, medicines and hospitals. Health, in a third world country, is the prerequisite only of the affluent. You can help to change this trend by providing health services to the billions of people who are denied medication, doctors and proper hospitals. 
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