Our Mission

We are committed to social justice, sustainable development and human rights. The right to communicate freely is a basic human right and a necessity for sustainable development. Access to information is essential to informed decision-making at all levels. We are committed to the dissemination of information and promotion of sustainable development initiatives, in response to the needs of under represented and marginalized sectors of society. For bridging the data gap and improving information availability we are committed to develop and establish an ideal medium for the Participation and exchange of a trusted and accurate source of quality information


1 To start open, establish, run, manage and maintain school's, college's, university and other educational institution's at  INDIAN with an object to provide Computer, Medical, Engineering, Medical science, Information technology, environmental education etc. to the students and public for free .

2 To launch personality development/academic and coaching of different subjects to the rural and urban students.

3 To do all types of management pertaining to computer education/education.

4 To do data collecting/feeding computer education work.

5 To engage specialist, teachers, instructors and other staff to carry on the good working of the society and to terminate them on superannuation or otherwise.

6 To rognise quiz, symposium, speech, poem, debate, monoacting, drama and general knowledge competitions etc. from time to time.

7 To organise cultural, historical, scienctific, sports, adventure, personality development tours from time to time.

8 To guide the students in their admission/entry test examinations or interview for making good carrier.

9 To promote Sanskrit language and to organise functions/anniversaries of prominent personalities.

10 To provide medical aid relief camp/eye camp for general use.

11 To award scholarships, stipends, prizes, medals and certifications to the deserving/winner student/participants.

12 To conduct research in education and other disciplines on the different subjects relating to education.

13 To provide food, clothes, medical aid, stationary, transportation, libraries, laboratories, reading room, hostels, play grounds, swimming pool and other possible facilities to the students and also to the members of the society.

14 To arrange and organize various kind of child welfare programmers/activities .To launch activities for eradication of child labour and marriage.

15 To do activities/programmers for the removal of social evils. Such as:- dowry system, female child foeticide, smoking, drinking, untouchability, illetracy, poverty, drug addition, discrimination of caste, group clashes, creed, colour, region, religion or language etc.

16 To help and assist dump, deaf, blind, orphans, aged, widow, war affected people, handicapped and poor and needy persons.

17 To provide help to people/animals affected by natural calamities or accident or war or flood or drought or serious illness or fire or earthquake etc.

18 To render any social, moral and financial assistance for betterment of life of any unmarried girl or boy or widow or widow from time to time.

19 To accept, contact and take up for all types of tender work pertaining to the aims and objects of the society.

20 To tie up or contact with any school, collage, university or educational institution for the well running of the society.

21 To do such other things/activities which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects of the society


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